John Deere 400D Trucks

John Deere 400D Trucks


Equipment Details

Make: JohnDeere
Model: 400D
Number of Units:  6
Year of Make:  2007
Total Hours: 11913
FAS Option (Additional to Purchase Price): Available on Request


Full component/maintenance history available Full complement of photos available Serial Numbers: DW400DT615165 DW400DT615328 DW400DT615346 DW400DT615200 DW400DT615391 DW400DT618756

This package of 6 trucks have all being very well maintained All are in “turn-key” work ready condition These unit present very well and are all in excellent condition

Configuration: Articulated Dump Truck
Serial Number: 615200-618576
OEM Code: OEMUE0162
Purchase Price: USD$75000
Location: Brisbane
Closest Port: Brisbane
Distance to Port: 65km’s

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